My name is Iain Mackenzie and I bid you greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  My prayer and heart's desire is that all who visit this site will be affected by it to the eternal benefit of their immortal souls. I update and add to the site on a regular basis, so please keep in touch. May faith, hope and love shine as we walk life's pathway. I commit this labour of love wholly unto the Lord.  May He add to His church daily such as should be saved.

'A word fitly spoken is as apples of gold in baskets of silver.'

(Proverbs Chapter 25 Verse 11)


My Christian Experience Writings:- Iain's Apples of Gold

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Apples of Gold 

(Devotional/Personal Christian Experience)

The Lord is my portion The greatest of these is love All things are possible
I fainted had unless the Lord Our light affliction God performs all things for me
Let your light so shine before men How shall we sing? Make me Clean
According to your faith be it.. Where art thou? It is I, be not afraid
Lord, it is good for us to be here From the sixth hour This people honour me with their lips
Fear and Great Joy He will not fail thee Lord I believe, help Thou mine..
As I was with Moses Consider the lilies Why hast thou forsaken me?
I am crucified with Christ Life more abundant There shall be a performance
Behold the man Where is the blessedness? Sitting at the King's table
Faithful are the wounds of a friend We cannot but speak Master, we have toiled all night
Unto me happily the lines If it be of God Darkness into light
Return unto thine own house Satisfy us early I believe God
Behold thou art fair I am not ashamed There is a Friend
Under the apple tree No Condemnation An expected end
Have faith in God In Adam all die Not far from the kingdom
Who shall roll us away the stone? The just shall live by faith The Lord will perfect
The race set before us Love may abound Come see a man
Thou shalt know hereafter Be still and know Will ye also go away?
I have chosen you A man of God Whatsoever ye shall ask
The body of Jesus The battle is not yours Silver and Gold
But God was with him Out of Egypt It was now dark
Justified from all things Being justified by faith Cain and Abel
Who against hope In the beginning The Lord shut him in
God remembered Noah I will bless thee Exceeding fruitful
Is any thing too hard? Jehovah-Jireh The Lord is with us
The land rested from war Speak Lord Let it be known
A double portion Borrow not a few It was not you
Wash and be clean Pray without ceasing But if not
I am not eloquent Eat it in haste Stand still
The Lord shewed him a tree What shall I then do with Jesus? If thy presence go not with me
What is that to thee? The Scapegoat Follow me
Unless the Lord had been my help The substance of things hoped for Prisoners set free
Is the Lord's hand waxed short? My Seasonal Thoughts Choose Life
Get thee up Anxious for nothing God is my strength and power
This is the Lord's doing I will cry unto God most high Commit thy way to God
I am not better than my fathers A still small voice A Crown of Thorns
Reeling to and fro Return unto thy Rest Happy People
New Year Message Again If ye abide in me
Real Christians should not.. He knows I must keep praying
Fear thou not Consider Christ Jesus Let us labour


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Teri Summey Catherine A.Macdonald Lydia Alice McDonald Cala & Ann Mackenzie
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Gathered Gold

As I Walk Brotherly Love Poem for Parents A Child Loaned A Letter to my God
The End of the Way Is There? The Happy Man To Suffer Firm Bank
To Look King's Son Take me Aside Bird's in a Cage Value of a Soul
A Loving Touch Covered Hope Come Speak I Pray Thee
Universal Triumph Boots or no boots Meditation by P Jansen When I say that I'm a Christian  

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George Crawford Hugh McKail John McCulloch John Neilson Thomas Paterson
Humphrey Colquhoun John Burnet John Wodrow Ralph Shields  

All of Grace

What are we at? God Justifieth It is God The Justifier
Deliverance By Grace By Faith Faith Illustrated
Saved by Faith I can do Nothing Increase Faith Regeneration
Living Redeemer Repentance Repentance Given Fear of Falling
Confirmation Perseverance Close  


The secret of guidance Where am I wrong? Secret of Christ's indwelling Fact! Faith! Feeling!
Why sign the pledge? What to do with burdens How to bear sorrow In the secret of His..
The fullness of His Spirit      

The Imitation of Christ

Imitating Christ Humble Self Doctrine of Truth Prudence
Reading Scripture Unbridled Affections False Hope Over Familiarity
Obedience Idle Talk Acquiring Peace Adversity
Resisting Temptation Rash Judgement Charity Faults of Others
Monastic Life Holy Fathers Good Religious Solitude
Sorrow Misery of Men Death Judgement
Zeal Meditation Humility Peace in Man
Purity of Mind Ourselves Good Conscience Loving Jesus
Friendship of Jesus Comfort God's Grace Cross of Jesus
Royal Road      


Election Natural Law John the Baptist  

Covenant Ladies

The Two Margarets Mary Johnston    

Pilgrims Progress

Evangelist Provides Direction Obstinate & Pliable What to look forward to Vanity Fair
The Slough of Despond Mr Worldy Wiseman The Only Way Demas
Goodwill The Interpreter The Cross By Path Meadow
Simple,Sloth & Presumption Formalist & Hypocrisy Timorous & Mistrust Ignorance from Conceit
Sleep in the Daytime Entering Palace Beautiful Piety Atheist
Prudence Charity Chapter About the Lord of the.. Right Fear
The Rarities of Beautiful Leaving the Hill Apollyon Remember Lots Wife
The Valley of the Shadow.. Christian Meets Faithful The Last Difficulties Giant Despair
Evangelists Exhortation & Prophesy Talkative The Trial Story of Little Faith
Mr By Ends Respite The Enchanted Ground Backsliding
The Delectable Mountains The Flatterer The Country of Beulah Welcome
Ignorance Demonstrates his.. Ignorance Comes to His

Christ Altogether Lovely

Christ is to be loved What is meant by 'Altogether Lovely' He is lovely in His Person
He is lovely in His Offices He is lovely in His Relations Application

The Pursuit of God

Following Hard after God Blessedness of Possessing Nothing Removing the Veil
Apprehending God The Universal Presence The Speaking Voice
The Gaze of the Soul Restoring Creator-Creature Relation Meekness and Rest
The Sacrament of Living    

Everlasting Love

God's Everlasting Love The God of Bethel Gilead's Balm
We Shall be Like Him The Joyful Sound The Lord around His People
The Bride's Prayer The Shepherd and His Flock The Heavenly Foretaste
Let us not Sleep Till the end be The Soul's Compassion

The Lord Took Me

Leaving Home I'll be a Missionary I did not find God at College
Life at Table Mountain Church Life Mother
Father Faithful to Tradition Anguish of Soul
Confirmation As a Young Farmer A Crisis
Away to Germany Do you love the Lord Jesus? Through Biscay to Modernism
At College Faith breaks down Homewards
Christians Divided The New Africa I'm doing my duty
Am I serving the Lord Jesus? In Action Church Discipline
Unable to Pray Earthen Vessels A Great Shock
Shall I leave the ministry? Under the thorn tree I find the church of the Lord Jesus
First Fruit Pastor is converted Fanaticism?
Man shall revile you Conflict of conscience Inter-denomination
Freelance Evangelist? Paths of Righteousness For His Name's sake
The Commission Mountain Peaks Holiness to the Lord
The Tempter It is the Lord Credit in Heaven
A hundredfold Blessing in Tithing He is no man's debtor
Higher mathematics The Lord my Healer The Lord my Comfort
Erika The Young Farmer Joy
Dark Bernt He that cometh to me  

No More Sea

Biographical Introduction No More Sea Crooked Things Straight
Come, See Be Still A Banner For The Truth
The Word Made Flesh The Breastplate The Work of Patience

The Loveliest Story Ever Told

The Loveliest Story Ever Told God's Son and Heir The Sun is all Mine
Someone is Speaking What the Elder Wrote The Man in the Garden
The Barriers Dissolved The Banquet Home Sweet Home
Jewels for the Bride The Bride says, 'Come' Tramps or Travellers
I Being in the Way A Great Wonder in Heaven The Servant's Joy

A Body of Divinity

Memoir of Thomas Watson Discourse to Catechising Man's Chief End
The Scriptures The Being of God The Knowledge of God
The Eternity of God The Unchangeableness of God The Wisdom of God
The Power of God The Holiness of God The Justice of God
The Mercy of God The Truth of God The Unity of God
The Trinity The Creation The Providence of God
The Covenant of Works Adam's Sin Original Sin
Man's Misery by the Fall The Covenant of Grace Christ The Mediator Of The Covenant
Christ's Prophetic Office Christ's Priestly Office Christ's Kingly Office
Christ's Humiliation in His Incarnation Christ's Exaltation Christ the Redeemer
Faith Effectual Calling Justification
Adoption Sanctification Assurance
Peace Joy Growth in Grace
Perseverance The Death of the Righteous A Believer's Privilege at Death
The Resurrection    


A New Allegiance No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regrets The Tyranny of Temptation
Anywhere provided it be Forward Maintaining the Glow Marching Orders
Divine Leadership    

Gaelic Section

Ri Caoidh fear mo ghraidh Marbhrann don t-Urr Murachadh A MacLeņid


Short Poem Chan Fhaigh Mi Bas Ach Maiream Beo  


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