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A Hundredfold

There are many more mountain peaks yet. I want to point out a few more and extol their beauty and to praise the Hand that brought them into being.

Our Ursula had several times expressed her longing for a piano. One Sunday I saw her on the verandah listening. Next door music was playing. I caught the wistful look in her eyes.

Going into my room I folded my hands in prayer. ‘Lord we should like to praise Thee with stringed instruments. Do give us a piano.’

A moment late I heard the happy shouts of the children. Someone was outside. ‘Uncle Jacob and Aunt Isla…’ they cried as I came out. They were taking a stroll and had called in with some news.

Seated inside, Jacob said, ‘there is £200 for you in the bank earmarked for a piano.’

I marvelled. ‘Truly God is faithful to His promise. How speedily he has answered prayer.’

‘There’s a beautiful one for sale in town,’ Jacob went on. ‘You remember Hesse the German piano builder who used to build pianos in Siberia? I think he’ll sell it for £200.

My heat was still dancing to the music of gratitude for a God who is so good to His children. ‘Please, Jacob. Tell no one that we are going to buy the piano. I want to surprise Ursula.’

Mr Hesse was a craftsman rather than a businessman. He obviously prized that piano and was not at all anxious to sell it. ‘There isn’t a single piano in the whole city to surpass this one,’ he grumbled. ‘I should never sell it.’ But he took the cheque nevertheless and the piano became ours. ‘May we fetch it tomorrow, Mr Hesse?’

‘Fetch it. Fetch it quickly! Do you think I want it standing here reproaching me for selling it?’

The music of that day still makes me happy when I think of it. I can still see the piano tuner in his well used apron seeing us off to the gate. At the gate, which was securely locked, his dog Rolf started jumping round us and yelping. ‘Only a person from Germany,’ I reflected, ‘would lock his garden gate – and what man from South Africa would ever name his dog Rolf?’

Over the supper table I remarked as calmly as I could, ‘Ursula, something is coming tomorrow; you’ll never guess what it is.’ ‘Yes I know – a piano…’ ‘Who told you? I wanted it to be a surprise!’ ‘No one told me, but I knew because I asked the Lord for a piano and I knew He had heard me.’ It was my turn to be surprised.

Mother went on serving and said nothing. But her eyes, with the soft smile, were moist.