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A Still Small Voice

‘A Still Small Voice’

1 Kings Chapter 19 Verse 12

‘The blessed, fruitful, victorious experiences of yesterday are not only of no value to me today, but they will actually be eaten up or reversed by today’s failures, unless they serve as incentives to still better, richer experiences today.’

I am fully persuaded that there is not a time in any day when our Lord is not speaking to us in one form or another and that includes the silences!

The word ‘small’ seems so out of place in connection with the One who was speaking. I wonder about that translation as I have not had time to study it properly and perhaps another word would be more appropriate. Would the word ‘whispered’ be nearer the original?

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what I think about that word, what does matter to us all is that God speaks, not only to His children but to His creation as a whole.

His children, those indwelt by Christ have an intimacy in their relationship with their Lord and God that strangers to grace and to God do not. Even in the crib, what child does not recognise his or her father’s voice? His children are blessed with a ‘spiritual hearing’ that enables the communication between the Good Shepherd and His flock.

When was the last time you heard your Master’s voice? This morning? Yesterday? Three weeks last Tuesday or are we talking way back? How can we be in love with someone and not want to hear their voice. Surely it is the fairest and sweetest of all voices? Even in rebuke it is laden with love.

It is true, that when perplexed by some providence or other we eagerly seek to hear His voice through the reading of His Word. Often though, we put down our Bibles with even heavier hearts having perhaps read some passage which we have found meaningless to our situation.

Does this mean that God has not spoken to us? No. A silence in His Word is as loud to my soul as if He had shouted ‘Wait’ in my ear.

It is the easiest thing in the world to pick up our Bible and find something suitable and comforting of our own choosing – a verse, a text – that we can take with us for the day and convince ourselves that this is a Word from God. This my friend is so dangerous!! I am not talking here about anyone genuinely seeking spiritual comfort from God’s Word and laying hold of a text that settles there heart or mind at that particular time. That is indeed wonderful.

I am talking about people, like myself - as I have been guilty of doing this – who want to find a text that they will use, not only to convince themselves but to help convince others that God wants them to do such and such. This is wrong and very dangerous.

Have you ever opened your Bible at random and your eyes have been attracted to such a text?

I cannot and will not confide God to ways and means. He will and can use this method from time to time. I would caution it as being the exception rather than the rule. God does all things decently and in order.

Perhaps we expect to hear God’s voice in ways or in experiences similar to what Elijah went through. We look with our eyes, when we should be listening with our ears! No one greater at making that error than me!

There is a reason and purpose for us to study and be familiar with God’s Word.

More often than not, it is through a recalling to our minds of a verse of scripture that God speaks to us. The more that we know of His Word therefore, the easier it should be for us to understand what He is saying to us. Am I making sense? I hope so, because I am so aware of my own inadequacy in this area and of my poverty in Scripture knowledge.

Can I ask a simple question?

If you were to hear God speaking to you today, what would you like Him to say, or what would you like to hear? It is a good exercise for our souls.

Such are the changes in our daily lives that the Word we would want to have heard in the morning may not be the Word that we want to hear as we lay our head upon our pillows at night!

I am sure the instruction that the Lord gave to Elijah was not what he wanted to hear. Yet he was faithful and obedient to the command. Our obedience may also lead us into the wilderness, however if it does then we can be assured of His companionship along the way. How often have I said this:- ‘I would much rather be in the middle of the storm with Christ than be alone on the shore?’

I hope and pray that you will hear a Word from His blessed lips today that will be applied with power to your needy soul. It may be a word of direction, instruction, rebuke, affection, comfort or many other things. No matter what it may be, let our souls rejoice and let us put our Amen to it.

What does my soul want to hear as I take my next step?

‘It is I, be not afraid.’