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Anxious for nothing

‘Be careful (anxious) for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.’

Philippians Chapter 4 Verse 6

It is ages since I last wrote anything about my Christian experience and this is simply because I have been too busy worrying myself sick over things that may never happen.

I am a worrier by nature and no matter how strong I may think that my faith is, this is something that I truly struggle with. There is no doubt that as time goes by and various deliverances have been experienced that I am more aware of my folly and sin, yet it still takes a huge effort just to keep my head above the troubled waters.

It is never just one trial that seems to come my way at any given time. These come upon me like a flood, in various guises and from different directions yet they all cause they same turmoil.

I do not intend to list my difficulties today as I cannot see what good it would do and apart from anything else, it is enough for me to worry about my problems without you have to do likewise.

The last six or seven weeks have been truly dismal. I have had little or no communion with my Saviour, I have questioned myself endlessly as to where I went wrong and I have worried about everything under the sun! Before you ask, the answer is YES! This worry does lead to stress, which in my condition simply complicates things further!

About a year ago I put a selection of my photographs with texts into a couple of the religious bookshops in our town hoping for a sale or two. It was my first attempts in my new venture and I did not know how things would go.

To cut a long story short, I forgot all about my photographs until I received a phone call yesterday from the shop manager asking my to call in. I did so and to my surprise a number of them had been sold and she asked me if I could take one home with me as it had suffered badly from the dampness in the shop.

Of all the texts on the many photographs she could have given me, the text at our head was the one that I took home. ‘Be anxious for nothing.’

It did not sink in right away; in fact I slept on it. I got out of bed at four o’clock this morning and long before dawn, light flooded my soul through this text. God in His love had kept that message away from other shoppers because the message was a personal one for me!

My eyes flooded as I thought of the love behind what had happened. God had given me, no handed me a message direct from the Throne.

How foolish I had been!! I call myself by the name of Christian yet what kind of son fears his father in such a way? Perhaps one that has been mistreated, and that is all too common in our day, but I had been showered with love and grace and mercy had followed me all my days. I had no reason for such fear or anxiety.

Time to turn the tables and time for rejoicing. Not one of the problems that I faced going to bed last night have been solved yet today I trust that my loving Heavenly Father will solve them all to perfection. I gladly cast all my cares and worries upon Him and was only too pleased to be able to leave them there.

It was His Word that made the difference in my life this morning. The entrance of His word gives light. It came when I least expected it and in a way that I would not have imagined. I thought that I would pass on this experience in the hope that other souls would benefit from the gift that I received.

He knoweth the way that I take and He does all things well. Be careful (anxious) for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.