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Being justified by faith

'Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.' Romans 5:1

This wonderful doctrine is the foundation of our faith. Because of it our standing before a Holy God is the same in time as it will be in eternity.  The acrostic for "justification" is 'just as if' we had never sinned!

Truly remarkable!

It sounds too good to be true, but it is true. Our pride will often get in the way and prevent us from enjoying the liberty of the Gospel. Pride will just not accept that we have been freely pardoned. Pride demands that we have a part to play. Pride wants to earn salvation!

Why is it so difficult for me to take God at His word?

Why must I make life difficult for myself? Why must I try and improve on what God has done and what He offers needy sinners in the Gospel. I readily accepted my justification and the forgiveness of my sins when first I believed. It was no problem to me then. I came as a beggar, crying out to God for mercy and He gladly answered my prayers.

But now I labour and fret over the least thing. Molehills become mountains of my own making, and the plain paths become ever so crooked and rough through my own planning. I just cannot step back and leave it all to God. I seem to want to keep hold on the reins that determine my own destiny. How foolish can I be?

God's way is perfect, my way is folly! God's plan of salvation was perfected in the depths of Eternity. It is a glorious redemption made possible by an amazing sacrifice - God in the flesh dying in my place on the cross at Calvary.

What can I possibly add to that? The only thing I have to add is my sin! Humility means taking God at His word. But pride will not! It is the truth that sets us free. If I try to keep the law by my good works in order to please God then my salvation is no longer by grace.

Think about it! What is grace? Basically it is getting something for nothing, something that we just do not deserve.

GRACE! The acrostic is God's Riches At Christ's Expense.

Our duty in life is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. The only way that I can do this is to believe on Him. I can only enjoy God if I know that my sins are forgiven and that I have boldness to approach Him as my Father and not as my condemning Judge!

If it is God who has set us free, why then do we so often bring ourselves into needless and painful bondage? The answer is pride, pride, pride! It is a sin that I hate - and sometimes love! I put it into practice so often that I must labour to rid myself of it's shackles. Only when I swallow it do I enjoy peace. A peace that passes all understanding.

My friends labour this day to be free. Allow the work of grace to envelop your soul, leaving no place for pride or works. Flee everything that bears your own fragrance and let the open wounds be cleansed by the balm of Gilead. You and I both know that we do not deserve this mercy. But remember, it was not you or I who purchased it.

It was Christ! The cost was His life. Dare we refuse this free offer today? I think not. Enjoy your God today. Stand before Him just as if you had never sinned.

Author : Iain Mackenzie   Edited by : Pastor Al Moak