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Bill Wallace

‘The secret of the LORD is with those who fear him

And he shows them his covenant’

Psalm 25 verse 14

Even today I often think of those who were brought up in Godly homes and I wonder if they really know how blessed they have been.

I had no such upbringing and knew precious little about the person of God.

I was born in Lanarkshire in Scotland in 1945 and although my parents and my sister lived only 1 mile away, for some reason my grandparents raised me. I had plenty of contact with my mother but little contact with my father and he remained almost a stranger to me. I mention this, as I believe it had a large bearing on my later rebellion.

It was in 1957 that my parents, my sister and I immigrated to Australia. My childhood was seldom happy because of my very strained relationship with my father, sadly it remained like this until he passed away.

I left home as early as I could at the ripe old age of 17 and went to live in New Zealand. It was there that I became acquainted with my best friend - alcohol. How I ever finished an electrical apprenticeship I do not know. I believe now that God had His eye on me even then!

I vividly remember one night in the late 1960’s while drunk outside a nightclub a young man about my own age came over to me and started to tell me how much Jesus loved me and wanted to give me a new life. This was totally foolish to me and I made every excuse I could to get away from him, but the strange thing is I never forgot him. It was some 20 years later - as a saved man - that the Holy Spirit brought him again to my mind just as I was about to bring the Word in our church fellowship.

I would like to say that I heard the gospel preached and immediately responded to it but that was not the way it was. It is sufficient to say that I wandered on in sin and shame, using and hurting everyone that came into my life. I had become self-centred in the extreme, with the added problem of not being able to see my own true condition. Oh what blindness the SELF LIFE brings!

My day of Visitation

Just prior to his ascension The Lord Jesus said to the disciples: ‘when I go it will be to your benefit for I will send the Holy Spirit and HE will convict the world of Sin, Righteousness and Judgement.’

After so many years of sin, shame, searching and listening to sermons I had my day of visitation, when the Spirit of God came to me in my bedroom and convicted me of sin.

The experience was terrifying and I was convinced that I was going to Hell. It was only then that I at last came to realise why Jesus came, why He died, and what it had to do with me.

Oh how I begged for mercy!

I stayed in my house for 3 days and all I could say was, ‘Lord don’t leave me.’ It has been 17years since that day and He never has left me. Oh what a gracious God He is!! To think that He took that terrible punishment for a wretched one like me is still far beyond my comprehension.

It is a great joy when others see the change in us!

Just before my mother passed away I had the chance to tell her face-to-face what God had done for me, and that one day I will be going to Heaven to be with the Lord Jesus. She replied, ‘I believe you as I can see it in your eyes.’

What a wonderful God He is. It is all of GRACE.

Jesus loved me and gave His life for me!!!

Jesus loves you whoever you are and gave His life for YOU!!


Thank you for this chance to share with you,

Bill Wallace