Cloud of Witnesses

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The following work records the dying testimonies of a great number of faithful witnesses for the truth, who suffered, chiefly during the twenty-eight years immediately preceding the Revolution. It includes indeed some of the first martyrs of the reformation; and contains notices of the happy and triumphant death of some that escaped both the fire and the gallows; but who, being martyrs in purpose, have properly a place among their brethren who sealed their testimony with their blood.

During the above period, vital Christianity prevailed in a high degree among the Presbyterians in Scotland; and, with a few exceptions, it was to be found among them alone. It was evidently this that was the object of hatred to the court, and them who had the administration of affairs in Scotland; and their desire was to have it totally extirpated.

In this, however, the devil was foiled again. During the fiery trial, there was a wonderful unction and power that accompanied the preaching of the gospel by the persecuted ministers. Great multitudes gave decisive evidence of being converted to God; and obtained the victory over the beast and his image, even such of them as fell in the conflict.

They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony; and loved not their lives unto the death.  These are the last words and dying testimonies of the Scots worthies.  

I am indebted to  my Christian brother in Oban for forwarding these papers to me for inclusion on this site. May your souls be enriched by these testimonies.

Note: I cannot help but think that if it were possible these brave men would have wanted to tell the whole world about Jesus Christ. Now many centuries later they are! He being dead yet speaketh.