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Credit in Heaven

In Bible House there hangs a text: ‘God is faithful.’ Our youngest was four when her mother checked her for disturbing her father who was preparing.

‘What’s that, Mama?’ she asked.

‘He is thinking what he should tell the people tomorrow.’

‘But he doesn’t need to think about that,’ she replied with infant wisdom – ‘he just says God is faithful!’ God is faithful in the little things as well as big thins. And He expects the same faithfulness from us.

A day came when we had spent our last penny. My wife looked in the refrigerator. No butter, no meat. We had a small piece of bread. That was all. Tears came to her eyes as she thought of all the children. It was Sunday and no postman could be expected. ‘My God shall supply all your need…’ Yes that was a personally given, emphatic promise. ‘And now?’ hissed the Opposer. ‘God has said so,’ we countered firmly. ‘Hath He spoken and shall He not make good?’

So we turned to Him in our trouble and told Him the children were hungry. He knew all about it, but He wanted us to ask Him.

After having made our supplication to Him I went for a walk in the park continuing in an attitude of prayer, ‘Lord, Thou art faithful. Help us for Thy great Name’s sake. Give us something, even if it is only very little. We shall thank Thee.’

My foot hit an empty Coca-Cola bottle. I ignored it but suddenly stopped. A thought struck me, ‘We could get twopence in any tea room for this bottle.’ ‘That is nothing. What can you buy for that?’ came the counterthought. ‘Nothing.’ And yet, I picked it up. ‘The children will enjoy cleaning it up and trading it in for the two copper coins,’ I reflected. ‘But this time they may not keep the money.’

A quizzical little face at my side was turned up to me, ‘What do you want to do with it Papa?’

‘Run quickly and bring that big lot of money back straight away.’ I could not help seeing the funny side of it. Two ‘black pennies.’

I hardly had them in my hand before there was a squeak of brakes at our garden gate. ‘Uncle Hans and Auntie Kate,’ chorused our children from the verandah as they ran down the steps.

‘Good morning,’ said the dear brother dressed in his Sunday best. A brawny farmer’s hand enveloped mine. ‘How are you?’ – ‘Thank you, we are well, and you?’

‘Yes fine thanks. Broer kom dis vir julle,’ he continued in his beloved Afrikaans. (‘Take brother, this is yours.’)

‘Dankie, ou broer,’ I replied. The envelope, I knew contained a gift from our faithful friend.

‘Good bye,’ he called turning to the car, ‘I’m on deacon duty at church today and must be early.’ With a wave and a smile the family drove off.

In the white envelope we found a cheque which would fill the larder for many days to come. I handed it quietly to my wife, took up my hymn book and went off to church with a heart full of praise – God is faithful.