Apples of Gold

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Darkness into light

‘The Lord will light my candle so,
that is shall shine full bright;
The Lord my God will also make
my darkness to be light.’

Psalm 18:28

 Yet another night gone past when pain has spoiled my sleep. Perhaps I need to increase my pain-killers just to get a full nights sleep. Not something I intend to do as I am not keen on tablets at the best of times. Rising early though does have its benefits. I really enjoy the peace and quiet of our house in the early hours.

There seems to be a blessing with every hardship that comes my way. I stayed in my bed after waking and meditated for a while. The thought that was much on my mind was this. God works His love in me through denial!

What on earth is he talking about now?

I started to think about the desires that were uppermost in my heart, the things that I have longed for, for many a long year. Things that I truly desired to see in this life. Things that I had prayed earnestly for only hours earlier, before my head hit my pillow, yet things that still seem to elude me.


After a little while, light dawned in my soul. I laughed to myself when the realisation hit me. If the Lord granted me the things I so desperately want, I would undoubtedly have less time for Him! My mind and my attention and my affections would be taken up with other things.

I truly wish that I could explain this better.

If granted, my desires and dreams would no longer be something to look forward to. I would have them! The yearning I have for them in my soul would be met and I would saturate myself in ‘dreams come true!’ There would be no further need for fervent prayer. No time for exercising my soul and even less time for God!

I saw clearly that by denying me some legitimate gifts, the Lord was providing for me a greater gift. Himself! I saw His love for me in a totally different light. He made my darkness to be light.  

There are be days in our experiences my Christian friends when it seems that we are walking in complete darkness. We lose for a season the loving presence of God in our lives and we know not which way to turn.

These times can be very perplexing for the child of God. Questions flood through the mind. Where have I gone wrong? What is my sin? How have I offended my God?

Some folk turn in anger to God and ask, ‘where are You now? Where were You when I needed You most? Why are You not answering my prayers? Are they not fervent enough? Are my words not good enough?’

Others will say, - ‘I did not deserve His presence anyway and He is just to remove His blessing from me.’

God says He will never leave nor forsake us. Does He really mean that? If so why do I FEEL forsaken?

Let me ask you a question my friend? How do you know that He has left you or forsaken you?

Could is be that you are experiencing difficulties beyond what you are able to bear? Could it be that your body is wracked with such pain that you think that a Heavenly Father would not allow such a thing?

Could it be because all your dreams and hopes are dashed beyond repair and that you are blaming God for it? Are you happy today? Are you content today? Are you overburdened with burdens! Are you at the end of your tether? Are you sick fed up waiting for God? Is His way too hard for you to follow?

Is there a Christian alive who has not experienced such feelings? Not one that I have met! So, what is the solution?

Perhaps the answer is simple....God is waiting for you!

Are you busy trying to patch the pieces together? Are you doing your utmost to make your own dreams come true? Are you trying to will the impossible to happen and getting frustrated when it does not.

Is the money coming into your house going straight into a bag full of holes? Are you worrying yourself sick over every single thing in your life? Are you wanting light on your situation? Are you wanting days to return when you will shine for Christ?

Listen to God then! Let Him speak peace to your needy soul today through these wonderful promises:-

‘The Lord will light my candle so,
that is shall shine full bright;
The Lord my God will also make
my darkness to be light.’

Psalm 18:28