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‘Is this not religious fanaticism pastor?’ demanded an irate young farmer. His sister in law, one of the first to follow the Lord, had testified quite naturally with quiet simplicity of her conversion. ‘Is this not religious fanaticism?’ he repeated with an emphasis that brooked no contradiction.

‘What is religious fanaticism Mr Whitefield?’ I asked. ‘If you can tell me what religious fanaticism is I can perhaps tell you whether this comes under that heading.’ Mr Whitefield did not know. He had simply used a word he had often heard but which he had never stopped to examine. ‘Fanaticism’ was, at that time, a cheap word. Everyone used it to label things they did not care to investigate. Because of this much that is most precious to the Lord has been rejected. God has not always borne it in patience.

Mr Whitefield himself has been conquered by the Spirit of God and has been a faithful witness of his Lord. Jokingly we remind each other, sometimes, about the matter of ‘religious fanaticism’ then our hearts rejoice again that the Lord has drawn him, together with his wife and all his family, to Himself.

‘This is a new sect,’ fumed others. It was a pity they did so out of earshot otherwise they would have had to answer the question: ‘what is a sect?’ One is apt lightly to name something a sect. But one should consider it solemnly before doing so. It could be that the Spirit of God is seriously grieved. For that reason such careless irresponsibility is highly dangerous.