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First Fruit

The young farmer jumped up excitedly and shouted, ‘If it were not so late at night you’d have to leave my house at once. Now shut up, I don’t want to hear any more of it.’ Rising I replied:

‘Man, you know I never meant to hurt you. I only wanted to share my experience with you. May I now go to my room?’ Without a word he escorted me to the little room on the verandah, and with a curt ‘Good night’ left me alone.

Sleep was out of the question. It was baffling to me that my own brother, our Jacob, had become so angry. To me it had seemed a foregone conclusion that he, a grief stricken young widower, would have received the news of salvation in Christ with a hungry heart. Had he not been a special comfort to our dying mother? Yet now, embittered, he had shown me the door because I had witnessed to him that the Lord had saved me. Was he not a child of God?

By now I knew how to pray and tell the Lord all about these troubles and problems. A little later in the night the door was quietly opened and my brother slipped softly into the room, knelt down beside me and we prayed. Together we sought the face of Him who calls the sorrowing ones and consoles ‘as one whom his mother comforteth.’ However, this brother was to endure terrible conflicts before breaking through, eventually, into the light.

Some months later, my brother surrendered heart and life, himself and all that he had as an offering to the Lord. He was the first abiding fruit of the new life which the Lord gave. He is being used of God to show to many hungry ones the way to the One who has come ‘to seek and to save that which was lost.’ Jacob has been changed into a true soldier of Jesus Christ. He remarried and together with his young wife, works in great blessing.