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George Crawford

Of the five prisoners who were condemned on the 14th of December, one, namely, John Lindsay, belonging to Edinburgh, was for the time respited, and eventually obtained a reprieve. The remaining four were,

-     Robertson and Neilson, the authors of the foregoing testimonies, John Gordon of Irongray parish, who does not seem to have left one ; and George Crawford from the Parish of Cumuock, where it is probable he joined the insurgents in their march to Lanark whose testimony is as follows. It seems to be the production of a plain but respectable man, who understood and had weighed the principles which lie owned and acted upon.

Seeing I am to die after this manner, I lay before you this testimony, which I avow before God, and leave behind me to the world.

That which moved me to come along with these men, was their persuasion, and my desire to help them (which, with a safe conscience, I could not well refuse,) who, being tyrannically oppressed by the prelates and their dependants and upholders, and seeing no other way was left to be taken, took up arms for their own defence; and if this be rebellion, I leave it to the great God, the supreme Judge, to discern for in my weak judgment, I found it warrantable from the word of God, and without prejudice of the kingís authority (whom I pray God to direct and guide in the right ways of the Lord, and to make him prosper therein, so that he may be surely set in his kingdom, hav≠ing him whom no enemy can resist, to defend him,) seeing there was nothing intended by us, against his, or any otherís, just and lawful authority.

But that which was my principal and chief design, was giving my poor assistance to the rooting out of the prelates and prelacy, and all such as are come into Godís vineyard without the Masterís com≠mission, these hirelings who came not in at the true door, Jesus Christ, but have climbed up some other way, as thieves and robbers, whose voice the sheep know not (all which is too sadly confirmed by the dreadful and horrible sins that are risen in the land, and the curses and plagues that have followed thereupon,) that so, by taking away these, the abuses which proceed from them, and the sad consequences which follow their standing or falling with them, the covenant of God might be re-established, and true pastors that were silenced, might be set at liberty, their mouths opened, and they themselves put to the keeping of their flocks, and all other such persons, who were banished, or any other way under suffering, relieved.

And I do adhere to the way of church government sworn to in the covenant, which I think and assert to conform to Godís word; which, with his Spirit directing, is the only pattern and judge in all controversies: and however our endeavours at this time have not been successful, it is of the Lord, who will come in his own time, for He can do as well with a few as with many; but it is like, the cup of the adversaries is not full: and who knoweth, but the Lord God of hosts will hiss for the bee of Egypt, and the fly of Assyria, who will be more cruel and bloodthirsty than we were, to avenge the quarrel of His own people and to make way for the establishing of His own cause.

I say no more, but as I was willing to hazard my life for this cause, so I am ready to lay it down at my Masterís feet, seeing He calls for it: and I pray, the Almighty, to send His Spirit of consolation pro≠mised by His Son to His own people to strengthen them and bear them through, till the appointed time of the Lordís coming with deliver≠ance: for He will come for His own cause, and for His peopleís sake, and will not tarry.Ē