Gathered Gold

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The Value of a Soul

While weeks and months merge into years,

And ages onward roll,

Just teach me Lord, from day to day

"The value of a soul."


'Tis very precious in Thy sight

Oh! make it so in mine

Just teach me, Saviour what it cost

To win that soul for Thine.


The copper coins of every realm

Though stretched from Pole to Pole

Then counted out , could not redeem

One never dying soul.


The silver coins so numerous

May spread from East to West

Yet even they could never save

One soul by sin oppressed


A golden circle round the earth

Would cost so much, and yet

This precious gold could ne'er atone

For one in God's own debt.


The spangled Heavens, though studded be

With jewels rich and rare,

Could not redeem one sinful soul

Bowed down in dire despair.


Ah! No, these things are valueless

To save one precious soul

The wealth of all the world combined

Ne'er makes a sinner whole.


Then how can I, a sinful soul

Find grace in God's own sight?

Be fit to enter Heaven's gates

Into the realms of light?


For me, my Saviour left Heaven's throne

He laid His Glory by,

And then in human form He came

Into this world to die.


In poverty He trod the earth

No place to lay His head

For us He bore men's cruelty

For us His blood was shed.


Men placed a crown of cruel thorns

Upon His lovely brow,

They spat upon, and mocked the One

Who reigns in Glory now.


They put on Him a purple robe

They scourged Him then they led

Him "all the way to Calvary"

To suffer in my stead.


Yes, this is what it cost my Lord

One human soul to save

With cruel nails bound to a cross

For us His life He gave.


But praise His name! He rose again

This Saviour of the lost

The work for our Redemption done

But oh! At what a cost!


Such was the price my Saviour paid

To make a sinner whole

So help me to remember, Lord

"The value of a soul."