Gathered Gold

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The Lack of Brotherly Love


Lord, tell me wherefore ‘tis I see

Thy chosen people disagree;

They who are brethren surely should

Be to each other kind and good.


But ah! Instead of this we find

So few are in one heart and mind;

Contentions half their time employ,

And sweet communion few enjoy.


Anger and malice (poisoned fruit)

Spring from contention’s bitter root;

And brethren, who should dwell in peace,

To love each other seem to cease.


Where is the love of which we read,

(O grace to be desired indeed!)

When on the apostle’s neck they fell,

And weeping kissed a fond farewell?


The righteous man may now depart,

And few would lay his death to heart;

So lukewarm has Thy Zion grown, That mutual love is little known.


Alas, alas! With cool replies,

And keen suspicion in their eyes;

As foes too many seem to live;

O Lord, this monstrous sin forgive.


If with warm heart and friendly hand,

Thy saints obeyed Thy sweet command,

How pleasantly would brethren meet,

How gladly one another greet.


O Lord, remember Zion still,

Thy chosen, Thy delightful hill;

Constrain Thy children to agree,

To walk in love and unity.