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God remembered Noah

'And God remembered Noah......'

Remember me Lord with that love which thou to thine dost bear; with thy salvation, O my God to visit me draw near. (Psalm 106 Verse 4). That verse is never too far from my lips especially when I may be feeling down and it seems like God has forgotten me.

I wonder - did Noah also experience this?

We are not told whether the Lord had told him how long he was going to have to endure in the Ark. Possibly, as the weeks went past he may have started to wonder. Remember he was just like you and I with the same failings.

The thought that God 'remembered' made me think.

It is awful to feel abandoned, forsaken and forgotten by God. It seems to occur when afflictions drag on seemingly without end. I wonder if his family started to put pressure on him to open the Ark? Sometimes it can be those nearest and dearest to us that seem to add to our affliction, though they are often unaware that they are doing so.

Like the carnal mind the raven wallowed in the midst of that which was unclean. It was happy to have a foot in both camps. It was feeding on the floating carcases one minute, then returning to the safety of the Ark the next for rest.

Desiring the benefits of being a Christian yet not wanting to carry the burden of affliction and embarrassment that accompanies the name is a common position in our day.

Many say, 'I do good works, and I do not offend my neighbour, so God will not turn me away from Heaven!' Or they say, 'In fact there are many who are a lot worse than I am and I am better than most Christians that I know!' Does that sound like someone you know?


Just a note here regarding the Christian life and affliction.

It is often the case that rather than a sudden or conclusive end to our afflictions they tend to come to an end gradually. The waters that covered the earth did not disappear overnight. They drained slowly away over a period of time.

I have often found myself in that 'no man's land' in which the affliction I had experienced is not as painful as it once was yet it has not been completed removed. I Hope some folk can follow me here. Back pain for example may ease in severity and become less acute for a while. It's easier but not removed!

Additionally, our prayers seeking instant and effective deliverance are often answered in ways beyond our imagination. It may come, yet not in the way we had planned.

My soul delighted in the way Noah put forth his hand and pulled the dove into the safety of the Ark. There have been times when I have gone astray somewhat by letting my mind float amidst that which is unclean, and I have been most grateful to a loving Saviour for pulling me back to safety in Himself. There was a day when I was quite at home in my carnality, but not anymore. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, and it holds no attraction for me.

We have so much to thank our God for each day, and Noah was not slow in preparing his altar. God is well pleased with a thankful heart, and we should daily count our blessings.
Noah actually experienced not one but two deliverances. The first was from the terrible Judgement, when he found sanctuary in the Ark, and the second was from the Ark itself. Our safety is found in Jesus Christ. He is our Ark, our Redeemer, and our Friend.

If we are facing difficulties and trials today, then we can be assured that our Lord is with us. He remembers us at all times.

Listen to what David experienced:

'The troubles that afflict the just
in number many be;
But yet at length out of them all
The Lord doth set him free.' 
Psalm 34 Verse 19

Author : Iain Mackenzie  Edited by : Pastor Al Moak