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Higher Mathematics

The sunlight catches some smaller peaks which are nevertheless as lovely. These contribute as much as the soaring ones to the glory of the mountain range.

One day we badly needed £5 for the most urgent of the repairs required by the car. We asked the Lord and the next day found pushed under the front door an envelope marked ‘For car expenses.’ Inside was exactly £5.

But there was a sequel to that. God’s training hand was following it up: That day there arrived a dear brother whose tyre had burst. After a hard inward struggle we gave him the £5 for its repair. Less than a fortnight later we held in our hands £100 earmarked for the car. That is 2000% interest!

Another time I was seated before an income tax official. He wanted to know what was going on. In matters of tax he was often defrauded. So he interrogated me closely. I did not like it. And yet, would this not be an opportunity to witness to the mighty acts of God? Accordingly, quite simply, I gave all the details I could.

He looked at me searchingly for a few moments, then said, ‘Surely what you tell me is impossible? There is no such thing.’

‘Why should it be impossible. Is there no longer a living God these days? Is God less real today than in Bible times? You may check the books if you don’t believe my words.’

‘I shall have to believe you but it makes my flesh creep.’

I had to laugh. ‘That is no proof that what I tell you is not true!’ Now he laughed too. But it was an embarrassed and helpless laugh.