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As I said farewell to one of our teachers he took my hand and said, ‘You can’t light a fire with an icicle.’ I could not fathom what he meant – nor did he offer any explanation. But his saying did not leave me and I pondered it through the years, until, one day, much later, it suddenly became alive.

At the quay I bade farewell to my fiancé who was to follow me later. Beside her stood that kindly soul whom I had come to regard as a mother in a strange land. She was picturesquely dressed in the ancient national costume worn by women of Schaumburg-Lippe. They waved at me while the big ship drew slowly away and set her course for my homeland.

Once again I stood at the bow of the German ship feeling the throb of the engines in the planks beneath my feet. Soon now, the Southern Cross would appear, and, in time, the shore of my beloved country would come in sight. After that our Table Mountain and the little house in the midst of the flowers and finally, mother’s empty place. A thought flashed through my mind, ‘What a blessing she is not alive. She would surely notice that I no longer believe that the whole Bible is God’s unfailing Word.’ My mind raced ahead of the ship to savour the good things of home coming. What would life be like now? I wondered whether I would ever stand in the pulpit at home. What would I say to the farmers and their families? I was looking forward to coming home.