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I did not find God at College

For seven years in Germany I was to seek desperately for that which must surely have been the personal experience of the hymn writer. Neither during those seven years of study, nor during the fifteen years that followed as a missionary in Zululand could I find Him. I had to find Him or put away my clerical robe forever.

Late, very late, came that never to be forgotten day when the troubled sea was stilled and the heart found rest at last. And ever since, I have been able to review the past on the farm, in the Mission House, on the mission station or in the parish work amongst the German community with serenity. No more did I need to tremble in fear of facing the eternal Judge. I now perceived the paths of error which led to so much unhappiness, but above all, I was able to look calmly and joyfully ahead into a bright future, and into eternity itself.

Shall I relate how it all came to pass? Well, let me take you a little further back to sketch a picture of my childhood setting and the fierce struggles which were to culminate, much later, in an extraordinary series of experiences.