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It was now dark

'And it was now dark, and Jesus was not come to them.'

John 6:17

We have gone from yesterday's wonderful calm to stormy weather again! The difference in 24 hours is remarkable. Our garden looked so colourful and bright yesterday morning, while today the plants look bedraggled. The sea that was mirror like is now raging.

So much for summer!

Darkness and storms are unfortunately the portion of many of God's chosen these days. Sudden bereavement or a slip backwards, unanswered prayer or the entanglement of this world and of sin. Many are also perplexed by the question of Guidance. Which way should we go?

It has been the days and nights of almost constant darkness and loneliness without the comforting presence of Jesus that has made me appreciate the little things in life a lot more. It matters not whether it is sunshine or storms outside, I am thankful for each new day.

The hungry soul of the Christian is never satisfied with anything less than the tangible presence of Christ. Days and nights apart from Him whom our soul loves are an agony and heartache beyond simple words.

I yearn to walk closely with my Saviour. My inconsistency abhors me. There is an aching void within whenever I lose sight of my Best Friend.

When I do lose sight, darkness descends upon my soul as a thick cloud. Once more I find that I have allowed the world to replace Christ upon the throne of my heart. It promises so much, yet fails every time to deliver. 

We are part of a generation that is always wanting more. We never seem to be satisfied with our portion. It may simply be a case of trying to keep up with the Jones' or is it simply greed?

We may have to learn the disappointment of gaining such vanities many a time. Their emptiness adds to our sorrow. The child of God will eventually be left with one cry in his soul - "Evermore Lord give us this bread!" Christ alone satisfies the longing soul and the sooner that we recognize this, the easier our life will become.

Alone in the midst of a storm, the wind contrary, no light to be seen and the One whom they love is not present with them. This was no ordinary gale this was a howler, a deadly storm!

How could Jesus leave them alone in such darkness?

Jesus had no doubt given them instructions to head for Capernaum, and they were doing so. If we are doing God's will, how is it that these things are happening in our lives?

Have you asked that question before? Why are these things happening to me? I am sure that one answer that your mind will bring before you is that it is as a result of your sin. There is not a moment that goes past that we are not sinning. Where then does that argument leave us?

Well if it is not my sin, then why are these things happening? Why is my life so hard and my heart so sore? Why is it always darkness and never light? Why is it always hard providences that I have to face instead of great blessings and favour as others enjoy?

Why is it that when I long most for Christ, He seems further away than ever?

Faith must be exercised if it is to grow. Hope must be shattered from time to time if it is to find true security upon the Rock and its anchor within the veil. Love must experience a broken heart in order to love with a pure heart fervently.

He may leave us for a time in the storms and in the darkness, but He will come. He does come. He never leaves His own for any length of time, though it may seem endless to us!

Perhaps today will be the day when at last our longing souls will be satisfied. He may come at an hour and in a manner that we had not expected. Would the disciples have even thought of Him coming walking upon the sea?

It only takes an act of love from a friend, a loving touch or better still, a word in season and our darkness is made light before us. Crooked paths are made straight, rough places smooth and sins blotted out.

As He approaches your soul today my friend, may you also hear the words that the disciples heard on that dark, stormy night. It is I, be not afraid.
I have often said that I would rather be in the midst of a storm with Jesus than to be standing alone on the shore.

Author - Iain Mackenzie

Edited by - Pastor Al Moak