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Here are some interesting websites that I have enjoyed.


Bonus Pastor Foundation - A Hungarian reformed Charity working in Romania

Christian Witness to Israel - My favourite site on the Web.

Shalom Ministries - A wealth of food for the soul. Stimulating reading!

Bible Database - Maps, Bibles, Commentaries & Dictionaries for download. (Why not try Matthew Henry's Commentary)

Charles Haddon Spurgeon - Good selection of sermons.

Slavic Gospel Association - Preaching Christ to the Slavic nations of the world.

Bethesda Hospice - Local charity worthy of support.

The Banner of Truth - Quality books and articles

Jerusalem Post - Keeps you up to date with happenings in the Middle East.

Jewish Site - If you are interested in Judaism then you will enjoy this site.

Eretz - A 'must view' for those interested in the Jews.

Westminster Theological Seminary - The lecture on Cornelius Van Til is worth listening to. 

Reformed Theological Seminary - Enjoy a tour of the Reformed Colleges in the States.

Chaim - Reformed Ministry to the Jews. Check out the Downloads

The Persecuted Church - The sufferings of this present time!

Mount Zion - Worth a browse.

Western Isles Council - All you ever wanted to know about the Western Isles.

Gaelic Psalm Singing - A decade ago a brother in our village of Tong held a vision in his mind and heart. In April 2004 his vision has started to become a reality!

The Herald Foundation Romania - A Christian charity set up by Rimona Goiti now with active ties to children in the Western Isles. Rimona's testimony can be read under the Testimony section of this website.

Sermon Audio - Take your pick of fine sermons - I heartily recommend the sermons of Prof John Murray, Dr John R. DeWitt and Paul Washer

Stornoway Free Church - I am a member of this congregation. Sermons available for download.

Firefighters For Christ - Some fine sermons here for downloading

Sermon Index - Sermon Downloads

Torah Class - I have benefitted a lot from these studies