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For with God nothing shall be impossible

Luke Chapter 1 Verse 37

Constantine was regarded by many as the village idiot, the simpleton of the Romanian mountain village of Vicov de Sus. I would say that he was either 18 or 19 years old, well built and he looked as though he would be well capable of doing a full days hard labour in the fields. He had lost his mother a couple of years earlier and his father was an alcoholic.

They were very poor.

I met Constantine in the afternoon and he was wearing an imitation leather jacket with slant pockets. I, through our interpreter invited him to attend the Prayer Meeting that evening in the local church. He, like most others in that village had been brought up in the Romanian Orthodox church.

On parting I went to put 10.00 in his pocket, but there was no pocket, just an opening in the jacket!

After the Prayer Meeting, which had been held in a converted house, there was no small stir amongst the women as they tried to find shoes for themselves that would fit. We had taken the precious cargo with us and the boxes of shoes from the Island of Lewis were now hogging the long porch of the church.

Many villagers had entered that Baptist Church for the first time that evening. Many we know only came for a pair of shoes, however they all heard the Gospel, some I am sure for the first time.

Constantine was standing in the corner of the porch watching the women jostle for any pair of shoes that would fit their swollen feet. I felt drawn to him and I had an overwhelming desire to speak to him about his soul.

Marcela (a Christian lassie from Iasi) had accompanied us on our trip North to the mountain villages. She had no English whatsoever but she spoke to us freely through her friend and our interpreter. I looked around for our interpreter but she was busy helping the women.

I beckoned to Marcela to come over to where Constantine and I were standing. I did not know how this was going to work; I just prayed that somehow God would let me speak to Constantine about Himself.

I looked into the sad, sad eyes of the young man and I started to tell him about Jesus.

As I spoke, to my amazement Marcela understood and relayed the message of hope to our friend. Starting with the story of Adam and Eve, I spoke for about half an hour. Tears flowed freely from the three of us. When I had finished, and turned to Marcela and said, "Was that not amazing?" but she did not understand!

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