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Murdo Montgomery

1886 - 1894

Murdo was a healthy and active child, but unusual in his way of life. He did not play with his age group, but preferred to wander alone over his grandfather’s croft. He would come back home from his lonely walks and tell his parents that he had been and spoken to the angels. His parents paid little attention to his talk, putting it down to the fantasies of a child.

One day his mother who was present at this time said to him, if you had a brother you play with him. If we did get a brother for you, what will we call, him? He said, ‘Murdo.’ His mother answered, ‘Not another Murdo, we have you.’ His answer was, ‘I won’t be here then.’

Some time after this he took ill with Diphtheria, a deadly illness in these days. When very ill he asked his father to fetch his grandfather, and when he arrived he told him to put his watch on the table and to read the 23rd Psalm. When he finished, Murdo sat up in bed, and preached a sermon, at the age of eight, and finished up by saying, ‘Jesus put His hand on my brow and He said He would come for me at 3 o’clock.’ He died at 3 o’clock.

*            *             *

His mother later gave birth to a son and called him Murdo.

(Laxdale, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland)