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He is no man's debtor

And now, another peak. It also points upward. The scene is Windhoek, capital of far off south west Africa. How terribly the sun burns there. The city’s streets have German names and its people speak the perfect German of Germany.

We had come to tell of Him who saved us and who had guided so faithfully our feet. Of Him Who, in the ages to come will share His glory with us, His Bride.

It was early in the morning. I was meditation on God’s Word. Somehow, since my arrival I had been at a loss how to get the message over. My wife entered and asked, ‘can you let me have some money? I must do some shopping for dinner.’

‘No, I’m afraid there’s none left, nothing but the tenth which we put by.’

‘Nothing else? But what shall I do? Couldn’t we borrow from that money..?’

‘Borrow from the tenth? I am not at all sure – I don’t think so. It’s God’s money…’

Softly my wife left the room without saying a word. Was she crying?

Quickly I took up the cheque book, wrote out the cheque, the tenth, and hurried off to the post immediately. I hardly dared to look at my wife and the children. Was I being cruel?

The moment the letter disappeared into the post box a surge of joy swept over my heart. ‘Now Lord,’ I breathed, ‘stand by Thy word.’

The private post boxes were only a few feet away. I fished in my pocket and brought out our post key. ‘No 28’ was stamped on it. ‘Maybe the post is in already.’ Sure enough, a letter and a ‘slip.’ It looked as if there was a registered article for me. But the Post Office doors were not due to be opened for another half an hour.

So I read the letter and waited. It was a brief note with the words ‘Always abounding in the work of the Lord.’ But a cheque was enclosed for the exact sum of money we had just sent away. My first impulse was to hurry back with the good news to my wife. Bit I thought it wiser to wait for the registered letter. ‘It might contain…but stop. Don’t be so hasty.’

While I was waiting a friend spotted me and stopped. ‘Well I’m glad to find you so quickly. I am to give you this letter,’ the farmer said. ‘Is the family keeping well? Won’t you come to visit us on the farm some time?’

The letter carried a warm welcome to the country. With the letter there was another cheque.

Opening the registered letter a moment later I found more money in it. Cashing the cheques, I spread the money through all my pockets and rushed off home. My wife and the children had to pull amid exclamations of glee one banknote after another from my pockets. When we counted it, it was exactly, to the penny, seven times the amount we had given to the Lord.

He is no man’s debtor. Now read Malachi 3 verses 7 – 12.