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Not far from the Kingdom

'Thou art not far from the kingdom of God.' Mark 12:34

Almost persuaded but not quite! Is this your condition today? You believe that there is a God to whom you must give an account. You also believe that He has made a way for sinners to approach Him. You know full well that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of sinners. He came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.

They that are whole need not a physician but them that are sick. You and I my friend are sick. We are sinners and there is only one cure for our ailment. How long halt you between two opinions? Are you content to put your eternal salvation off for another day? Can you truly afford to take that chance?

Those who know me are well aware that I seemed very fit and healthy the day I suffered my heart attack. It came out of the blue. No warnings! One minute I was driving to work, the next I was preparing to meet my Maker. Thankfully I was prepared to meet my God and I had no fear. Can you say that?

Many try in their own strength to please God in whatever way they can. Often it is by good works. Perhaps you attend church both ends every Sabbath. I commend you for doing so, but what is your motive for attending? Are you there just to be seen or are you seeking salvation with all your heart? You may think that you have heard the Gospel hundreds, perhaps thousands of times, however my friend if you are not saved then you have not heard the Gospel!

So near yet so far. Are you putting the fear of man between you and Jesus? Do you fear starting on the journey and then falling away? My friend listen to what God says about that. He who has begun the good work in you shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Time my friend to do away with all your excuses and place your trust completely in the finished work of Christ.

When you think of Jesus Christ nailed to the cross at Calvary, what goes through your mind? Is He just another ordinary human being? Or is He who the Bible says He is, the Son of God? If He is the Son of God, then why is He hanging on that tree? Can you answer that?

If He is as the Bible says offering Himself a sacrifice for sin. Who is He making atonement for? Is it for the Jews? Is it for His disciples? Or is it for you?

What of the Bible? Do you believe that it is God's word? Do you believe that every word within its borders is the absolute truth? If you do, and I rejoice in my soul that you do, then you must be prepared to give an account of your life before a thrice Holy God.

What will you say? How will you plead? Are you foolish enough to believe as many do these days that because God is a God of love, He will have mercy upon you and allow you into His glory? If you are not reconciled with God in time, you will pay the wages of sin in a lost eternity. Can you contemplate that?

I plead with you as the prophet of old did, ‘turn ye, turn ye, why will ye die O house of Israel.’ I ask you, no I beg of you to take heed this day to your eternal destiny. We pass this way but once and for many the journey is shorter than they imagine.

Be ye reconciled to God. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Wilt thou go with this man? I pray with all my heart that today you will find a place in your heart for Jesus before you place your head on your pillow for rest.

Jesus awaits you with open arms, pleading, 'Come unto me all ye ends of the earth and be ye saved.' May you and I be found ploughing the same field together some day soon. Today if you will hear my voice then harden not your heart. Not far from the kingdom is far enough away to be lost forever! Do not stop short. Come to Jesus just as you are. If you have time today listen to words of the beautiful hymn, Just as I am.