Apples of Gold

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Silver and Gold

'Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.'

Acts 3:6

Not only do I have to be carried to my begging place each day, but you come away with a statement like that! 'Silver and gold have I none!' Great! Just the news a poor beggar needs to hear. Why bother coming over to me with words like that?

These first few words would have hit the beggar hard. He would have been begging for money to buy food. Hopes dashed and once again yet another disappointing day to look forward to. How long must I sit here and beg? How long must I swallow the dust of those passing by? How I long to be different. Is my sin greater than others? If only!!!

This however was to be a day when his whole life would change. He was about to receive what silver and gold could not buy.

'In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.'

What now are his thoughts? Have you guys lost the plot? You are asking me to do the impossible! I cannot even stand up never mind walk!

With Peter offering him a helping hand he manages to stand. Feet and ankle bones are immediately strengthened and soon the man is not only walking but leaping for joy.

I think of the hymn, ‘Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross.’

What does today hold for you and I? Are our souls and minds filled with dread? Yet another hard day to face when it would be easier to keep our heads under the blankets. Days, weeks, months perhaps even years have gone by now with no sign of prayers being answered. Our heart feels heavy and a huge weight lies permanently upon our soul.

Our daily routine is just that, a routine. Bogged down by unbelief and frustration. Soon the mentality changes to an acceptance. This is my portion and nothing is going to change it. I just have to accept it.

In many ways we do, but grudgingly. The grudge being against God. It is all His fault! I am sure that the beggar had many a day like this.

Things may change today!

What gives me the confidence to say this? I can say it because our God reigns. He does not lie in a grave, He is not dead, He has not gone into a far country, He has not left you or forsaken you, He is nearer than you think! He loves you.

There was a day when the Lord was your chiefest joy. The fairest among ten thousand. He was altogether lovely, and we longed with all our heart and soul to serve Him. Are we as enthusiastic today?

Are we seeking silver and gold or are we seeking the Lord? Those who seek me early will find Me.

Are we sitting humbly at the feet of Jesus today or are we walking past with a swagger and our heads held high? Things are going well with me, I lack nothing and have no need to beg. I can manage on my own. How many folk tell others that they are doing OK and that they are content with their lives while their insides are in turmoil? Much easier to ‘put on a face’ than to swallow our pride and sit as a beggar!

If our relationship with our Saviour is wrong, then our relationship with everyone else will be wrong as well. Not an easy thing to admit to. I was wrong! Easy to say, not so easy to change. Easier to point the finger at others and to ignore the problem within.

Is our position today the same as it was when first we believed? ‘Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling.’ Are we still coming each morning to meet the Lord with empty, begging hands, or do we come laden with good works and covered in pride?

Repentance is a changing of the heart, an acknowledging of sin and a turning from it. It is also a determination to meet face to face with God.

God is not mocked! Can we stand face to face with God today? If not, then sin must be lying at our door. We must repent and seek cleansing. We must ask Him to heal our souls today. Ask and you shall receive. I will heal your backsliding, I will love you freely. Come unto to me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

There are some who are still fearful of acknowledging Jesus of Nazareth as their personal Saviour. My friend nail your colours to the mast. Stand up for Jesus. Time to tell the world of the great things that the Lord has done for your soul. Stand upon the Rock.

You may know that you have been healed. You may know that He has strengthened you. You may know that a change has occurred in your life yet you remain fearful of telling others about it, especially those closest to you.

My friend honour God and He will honour you. Confess Christ to those around you beginning at Jerusalem - your own home! You may be quite surprised at the reaction! Trust and believe. Sing the new song that He has put in your mouth.

May we be lifted from the gutters of sin and misery and may we walk in newness of life following Jesus. May we rededicate our lives to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We have a message to declare, a gift to offer our fellow man. It may not be silver or gold. No, it is something infinitely better!

This man save sinners.