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Rev. George I. Macaskill

I was born in a Christian home although neither of my parents professed publicly. I happily went to church with them on a very regular basis and was perfectly satisfied with formal religion.

In my mid-teens, after the sudden death of an uncle, I began to take seriously the need of conversion. After several years of "seeking" I realised that the "one thing needful" was a relationship with Jesus Christ. After reading some sermons by the famous Spurgeon I decided to read some verses in the last chapters in each of the four gospels every night along with one verse from chapter 53 in the Book of Isaiah, which spoke about Jesus Christ suffering and dying as a substitute for sinners. It was not many weeks after doing this that I realised that Jesus Christ's sufferings and death meant something very important to me personally.

I cannot tell the day, the week, the month, or even the year I was "converted" but gradually I realised I was really believing the gospel and that my faith was in Christ.

It was several years after this before I became a member in the church and I would say that it was one of the most difficult steps in my life. There is something very strengthening about "professing" faith in a public way, as long as one is fully aware of the responsibilities.

My call to be a full-time minister was very similar. It was not sudden but took place over a few years. It was a gradual growing conviction that would not go away except by taking another step in preparation for it. It is amazing how God only guides one step at a time. The bottom line is always faith.

I have discovered over the years, that God answers prayer slowly. God is not in a hurry like we are. We want instant answers! God answers over time. In my experience, God has sometimes taken years to supply the answers to prayers of significance, and it is well worth waiting for the right answer. Without doubt, the greatest decision, I have ever taken in my life, was to follow God, and I could not have made it, were it not for God making it in me.

Rev. George Macaskill (Stornoway)