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Chris Saunders

I grew up in a Godless home. I never knew my father he was a soldier and

I am illegitimate. My stepfather just did not like me, my mother tried to make up

for him, she was church of Scotland (never went) my stepfather was Roman

Catholic (went once a year at Christmas). He was a terrible for swearing and

blaspheming and I grew up something of the same.


I met my wife while she was on holiday in Scotland, fell in love with

her and followed her to England. We were completely irreligious but always

had the children christened (baptised) at my wifeís insistence.


One day, at the age of thirty, I went into a record shop to look at some

music, when I heard the guy behind the counter telling a teenager " no he

didnít want a cigarette, he didnít need any artificial stimulants as he

had the real thing =Jesus Christ"!!


Well I absolutely cringed! How could anyone speak about Jesus Christ

like this? And he wasnít the least bit embarrassed either!


Well to cut it short I started calling there a lot and got to know the

man quite well. He didnít want to hear my grubby jokes, and always somehow

turned the conversation to Jesus.


After some of our chats over the weeks, I suddenly said " would you like

to come to our house and talk!" He said " yes ok, will tomorrow be alright

and can I bring a friend?" I said " yes fine".


Off I went, driving home, I thought, "What have I done?

My wife will kill me! I never meant to ask that! Where did it come from?

Oh well too late now!"


The following day was snowy, and I was off work because of the weather,

I was tidying out a cupboard when I found my wife's old school Bible, it was

full of crayoning by the kids!

I opened it just anywhere, and read "judge not less ye be judged, for

With what judgement ye judge, so will You be judged!

Matthew chapter seven.

It cut through me like a knife!

Again I opened the Bible. John chapter one," He came to His own, but they

would not receive Him, but to everyone who did receive Him, who believed

on His name, He gave the right to be called the children of God!"


I fell on my knees and cried out, "Father Son  and Holy Spirit help me,

help me!"


I wept like a baby, I donít know how long I was there, but I know that

the longer I cried, the better and cleaner I felt and when I rose from my



When my  new friends called I kept telling them "yes I know God is

alive He is living in me!" They were amazed to say the least. They had come to

tell me about Jesus, and I was telling them.


I never cease to praise and thank my loving Saviour for that day when my

Life began again.

A new life in Jesus. Amen 

Chris Saunders.