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The Just shall live by Faith

'The just shall live by faith.'

Galatians 3:11

There is no doubt in my mind, yesterday was a disappointment to me. I had looked, hoped and believed better things would happen. It was a strange day. There were many little things that could have gone well for me, but they did not. I thought much about this as I lay my head on my pillow last night and I began to wonder what I had done wrong!

Perhaps I had rushed through my morning study. Perhaps I did not reply to enough Emails. Perhaps I should have phoned my friend when the thought had entered my head. Perhaps I should have rested a little more in the afternoon instead of pushing it.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…….

I should have learned long ago that things do not run smoothly in my life for any length of time. Often I have seen my circumstances change in an instant. It is how I cope with these changes that matters. I was so quick to judge myself last night that I heard the alarm bells ringing in my soul!

I could easily have started to fell sorry for myself. I am good at that! Well somebody needs to, right? Then I would have depressed myself further when I considered my sin and my sinfulness. Does anything get us down more than this? I could quickly have fallen into a morbid and unhealthy huff, blaming myself first then God.

Thankfully that did not happen. I recognised the danger signs and did my best to put faith into action. Was I a greater sinner yesterday than I was the day before? Not a good question to ask. What truly mattered was the fact that I recognise myself as a sinner and Jesus as my Saviour.

There was no need for my sins and faults to clutter my doorway. I knew what to do with them and where to take them. Jesus of Nazareth had provided my remedy. It was the duty of faith to lay hold on His finished work and to put what I had learned into practice.

The difference for me last night between walking by sight and walking by faith was a peaceful nights sleep!

There may be many days in our experience when living by faith or should I say putting our faith into practice can be very difficult indeed. So many trying circumstances and perplexing situations can leave us distraught and living entirely by sight! We find it almost impossible to take our vision from the horizontal.

Endless days of unanswered prayers, when the heavens seem as brass to us and God seems in the distance beyond our reach. Days like this can become the norm for the Christian and can have a truly devastating effect on their lives. We will not be long in this condition before stress and sleepless nights follow. Worry becomes our middle name and our minds become void of any good thoughts.

This is the situation where the evil one thrives. He loves to see Christians laid low. He loves to see us wallowing in the mire of unbelief. Dust soon begins to settle upon our Bibles and our devotional life is locked away until we begin to feel better. Some even wonder whether they have ever been saved!

I know of a number of Christians who lay great store upon the fact that one day some years back something happened in their lives. It was the day their lives changed and they became committed Christians.

It is over 20 years since I experienced a similar event in my own life, yet it is not one that I rely upon. I am not sure whether my faith is strong or weak but I need an experience with Christ each and every day of my life.

I do not say that I have to be born again every day, no and a thousand times no. I must however take my soul afresh to Calvary each morning and meet there with my God.

My faith must be put into action each and every day of my life. I am not a superman and I fail on many an occasion, yet this is the way I need to live my life, and I just cannot rely on some experience I had many years ago.

What if my memory were to fail? Where then would I be?

I need to meet face to face with Jesus today! Every day!

The access to our God is always open and He is always available. Sight often blocks faiths' view, yet faith can be strong enough to overlook the blockage.

There are times when we must persevere with our faith to overcome all obstacles until we find rest for our souls in Christ. Nothing but nothing can answer the questions in our heart, solve the problems in our lives and calm the storms of a fretful heart like the man from Nazareth.

Oh taste and see that God is good, who trusts in him is blessed. The word says that the just shall live by faith. It does not say that the just shall live now and again by faith. All we have my friend is today, let us therefore live today. May you know today the blessing God commands; life that shall never end.