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The Lord my Healer

There are still many more, but two final pinnacles in the ranges must suffice.

Early one morning a terrible scream from the kitchen. Rushing in I found our little four year old son writhing with agony in his mother’s arms. His leg had been scalded with boiling hot porridge. The pain was intolerable.

Presently he called out, ‘Papa, pray! It is the devil!’

What was I to do? Must I tell him that the pain was inevitable and that it was not the devil? But was this the time to give instruction? Would the living God disappoint the simple knowledge and faith of a little child?

In despair I prayed, haltingly, ‘Lord you understand the child. For the sake of Thy faithfulness do not disappoint him.’

Before I could utter the Amen the little fellow sat up and announced, ‘It’s not sore any more.’

Carefully we cleaned and dressed the wound. The pain had certainly gone. Nor did it return. And the injury healed normally. Yes, God is faithful and unspeakably kind.

Some years ago an evangelist who held healing campaigns visited our land. We asked ourselves whether the time had not come for my wife to be delivered from her agonising and apparently incurable headaches?

One morning, out in the garden we prayed about it, asking the Lord to lead us in the matter according to His will. Right there and then, in the garden, He bent down, unexpectedly, and performed a miracle. The Lord touched her. In this way we were delivered from the paths of error and from experiences focussed on emotion.

In later days we often went to doctors as well when it was felt that the nature of the ailments required it. Nor did we refuse medicines or operations when these were considered necessary. Would God not use these as well as the other methods we had seen?

We could relate other amazing recoveries. But let these suffice. We live in an age that craves for miracles. The enemy has already led multitudes astray on this matter. One forgets that Satan, too, can work miracles. Moreover he can twist things, in any miracle, that the miracle takes the place which rightly belongs to the Lord Jesus alone. The Antichrist will excel in the working of miracles. This should be borne in mind. Miracles, alone, should never be the criterion of divine action.

Let us realize that radical changes wrought in the very make up of a concerted man are greater miracles than the sort recounted here. We shall relate some of these in the next chapter.