Apples of Gold

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The Lord will perfect

'The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me.'

Psalm 138:8

There is no more difficult life to lead than the Christian life. It is a daily battle and often the warriors struggle through deep mire even as the enemy advances towards them. How often is it the case that we would speak a word to those who accompany us on the way, yet silence prevails. This concerns us and makes us to wonder whether we are truly soldiers in the King's army or not.

There are other times when we should go forward and we wallow in the mire of unbelief and fear and depression. Entrenched by our own deceitful hearts and minds. Our Commanding Officer has told us - ' The battle is not ours but God's.' We on the other hand listen to whispers from Hell itself and we are paralysed with doubts.

There are other times when we are to remain diligent and on guard at a specified post and position. It is not long before we find ourselves wearied with the monotony of the task. We long to be free to serve on the front line and often we murmur against our calling. I hold my hands up here!

Surely He knows what is best for us. All the equipment for our welfare and survival has been given us. Training is on-going and we have the sure knowledge that our enemy will be defeated! What more could a soldier wish for?

Perhaps we seek advancement and a higher ranking. If so, let us learn to be servants first! Our Commanding Officer washed the feet of His Foot Soldiers prior to battle.

We must hold a grudge against no man. We are not to allow the sun to go down upon our wrath. We are not to question the commands from on High. Rather we are to be found following them to the letter! Do we think that we have a better view of the battle than our Commander? Do we think that we could do a better job if we were placed elsewhere?

Suffer it be so now. He knoweth the way that you take.

Marching or standing guard for endless hours each day can be a very difficult and trying task. This to me is the hardest task of all. Standing still awaiting orders.

It requires concentration and diligence, watchfulness and awareness. Always looking out for the unseen attack of the enemy. Our enemy is cunning and he is also persistent. He often lulls us into a false sense of security before attacking when we least expect it.

The daily monotony makes us drop our guard. We give up on our prayers ever being answered. We often feel abandoned. There is also a tinge of jealousy and envy as we realise that others are going forward and we seem to be treading water. This preparation however is vital.

We may find these endless days to be heavy upon our souls. We neither see or are aware of any reason why we are kept in such straits. We see no advancement in our training, no real benefit in staying as we are, and so we tend to get restless in spirit seeking that which is not ours to have.

Perhaps we have been given an order and we have not obeyed it! Perhaps we feel that we must take things into our own hands and work our way forward towards the front.

It will not be long before we find ourselves exhausted and pained for our stupidity. Everything seems to go against us and instead of making headway we find that in reality we have retreated!

Time to make amends with our Commanding Officer and beg his forgiveness for our folly.

The longer we serve in the ranks the readily we will yield to orders. We will have learned through difficult experiences that we cannot fight against our circumstances. We will find that we are happiest when we know that we are exactly where we are meant to be. We will be diligent in all the tasks given to us in whatever field is chosen for us.

No matter what our position may be, the victory is assured. The battle has an end. The victors will celebrate for all eternity. This army is by far the greatest in the world. The greatest honour any man can have on this earth is to serve in the Kingís Regiment.

That regiment is noted above all others by the love and unity among itís ranks. Praise flows from their lips as they march and songs are heard in the night.

Fear should have no place in our hearts as we should have great confidence in our God. He is on our side, who then can be against us? The battle will be won, not by might, nor by power but by His spirit. Let us learn to lean heavily upon our Leader. He knows the way that we take and He will perfect that which concerns us.

Let us fight the good fight of faith. Let us acknowledge the Lord in all our ways and He shall direct our paths. Let us follow the banner of holiness without which no man shall see God. Let us esteem others better than ourselves and let us always be prepared to go forward whenever the command is given.