The Loveliest Story Ever Told

Rev. Murdoch Campbell

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This little work is meant primarily for the young who are so much exposed in these times to ideas and influences which can only deepen their misery and lead them further away from the path of true happiness.

Within the framework of a familiar Biblical story I have tried to show that, properly understood, the Gospel of Christ alone provides us with the key to an understanding of our relationship to God, of our deep spiritual needs and of the only way which leads to true and lasting happiness and peace.

The story, however, should make its appeal to all—both young and old—who value the blessings of the Gospel.

My use of illustration and anecdote should, I hope, help to elucidate certain points which, within the context of modern theological works, some of the younger readers may not easily follow.

It is indeed, with a deep prayerful concern for the everlasting welfare of everyone who may read this book that I have tried to tell a little of ‘what God hath wrought.’

Murdoch Campbell





September, 1962.