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The Tempter

Let me take you now to another towering summit in the high range of God’s glorious acts.

We had barely started with the work of the Bible House when one night I awoke from troubled dreams. A scoffing voice seemed to be addressing me. ‘How long do you think you will be able to continue with the work? Come along, be sober – in a very short time you’ll have to close down in disgrace. You’ll be bankrupt!’

I jumped up. Surely someone had spoken. Had I not heard a jeering – a Satanic laugh?

All was silent but for the fast ticking of the bedside clock. My wife breathed quietly, soundly asleep. From the city hall tower the hour of two o’clock boomed out. The lights of a car passing by lit up the far wall. The patch of light travelled round the room to disappear behind me, leaving the room darker than before.

I could no longer stay in bed. Hastily I dressed and went outside closing the front door softly behind me. ‘Indeed, we did not weigh up the matter calmly and coolly. How long will it go well? Where will all the resources come from?’ A milkman was passing. Africans, dressed in white coats, ran from house to house, delivering milk, a tiring job requiring speed, and carried out shortly after midnight.

Back at the house once more I went into my study. I hardly left it for the next few faltering days. But the dark hours came to a glorious end when the dayspring broke through from on high.

On that memorable afternoon, sorely distressed, I sat at my desk trying to pray. Invisible hands seemed to be choking me. No, it was no use. Prayer was out of the question. My heart could only cry out, ‘Lord have mercy on us. Have mercy on Thy poor, miserable children.’