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Faithful are the wounds of a friend

‘Faithful are the wounds of a friend.’ Proverbs 27 Verse 6

Over the years one of the changes that I have noticed has been the lack of sincere love between the brethren. I remember when I started following the Lord, how I often marvelled at the great love the Lord's people had for each other.

It was evident in their walk as well as their talk. They reflected Christ in their daily lives.

Most houses on our Island have a barn or outhouse behind the main house. Many Christians used these barns as a place where they could be alone with their God. It was a place of seclusion and a place where the world and all its cares could be shut out for a little time. Many a heart-rending prayer ascended from these barns over the years.

In one of our villages their lived two elders next door to each other. There was a great love between them and one of the elders was truly perplexed by the spiritual state of his brother.

Not wishing to hurt his brother, while at the same time concerned about his spiritual welfare he decided he must challenge his brother.

'You are backslidden my brother and are far from the Lord.' The other elder replied with tears in his eyes. 'True brother! How did you know?'

'It was simple my friend! I noticed that the grass had begun to grow between the house your barn!'

It takes courage to rebuke a brother or sister. Let it always be done in love. If you find yourself struggling for strength, then think of the wounds of Jesus and the reason for His wounding.

Wounded for me, wounded for me

There on the cross He was wounded for me.

May Christ be exalted.