Apples of Gold

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This is the Lord’s doing

‘This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.’

Psalm 118: 23

I woke up this morning with these words on my lips, ‘this is the doing of the Lord, and wondrous in our eyes.’


Well for one reason I had a full nights sleep which is something that has eluded me for many a month now. I feel like a new man today! It made it easy for me to think on the resurrection morn as once again I felt that ‘resurrected energy’ that only the Spirit of the living God can supply.

Once again I had that yearning within me to tell others of the beauty of this man Christ Jesus. Instead of doing my usual and carrying on my reading in an orderly fashion I read Psalm 118 instead.

The Psalmist took the words out of my mouth with his first sentence. ‘O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; because his mercy endureth for ever.’

Whenever I am vitalised or should I say revitalised by His Spirit my sense of expectation of great things from God increases. Today, I expect great things from my God, not because I deserve them, nor because of any good work that I have performed, but just because it pleases Him.

In many ways I have already received great things from Him today.

I love having this expectancy in my soul. It is as if my whole being is filled with hope of good things to come. It is all part of our spiritual adventure and the mystery of what may happen next. We simply do not know what may unfold in the next hour. We may be taken from darkness to light, from sitting upon the dunghill to sit among princes or we may be taken from the dungeon to the King’s Palace.

We may be taken from ‘the slough of despond’ to visit ‘ the delectable mountains.’

The Lord has done many wondrous things in my life of which I am not worthy and they are all marvellous in my eyes. I have a measure this morning of health and strength and I am able to do some work.

I have so much to thank Him for and the more I think of what He has done for me the more joy fills my soul. I cannot but wonder at the love of Christ for a wretch like me. Facing the cruelty of the cross when I hated Him without a cause.

He was crowned with a curse, He was crowned with thorns - for me. He was nailed to a tree to die the death of a common criminal - for me. People the world over can argue all they way over who nailed Jesus to the cross but I have the answer – It was me!! I did it.

My sins nailed Jesus to the cross at Calvary. He died for me.

I used His name as a curse, yet He spread His arms wide in love for me. He took my sins and nailed them to the cross. He broke down the middle wall of partition that was separating me from my God. I was a stranger to grace and to God, a vagrant, yet He took me in.

He entered the heart of Edom for me. Going to the core of enemy territory where He claimed life for my soul from the jaws of death. He called me by my name and told me that I was His. He told me that He will never leave me nor forsake me.

He has promised to guide me and shield me. He has told me that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. He has told me that I am complete in Him. He is my perfection, my new song, my Beloved, my Best Friend, my Saviour Redeemer, my Lord and my God. He embraced me with His nail pierced hands.

He tells me that He is on my side and that I should not fear what man should do to me. He says that it is better to put my confidence in Him than in anything or anyone else.

In times of trouble or pain I can call upon Him day or night and He is there. The Great Physician who never slumbers or sleeps. He listens to all my complaints and moans. He deals with all my problems Himself and does not spread any gossip.

When I am wounded deep in my soul as often happens, He applies a balm that comforts and heals. When storms rage all around me and there is no safe place for me to stand He provides a cleft in the Rock.

When friends and family let me down and cause me grief, He is there to console and to comfort. When I was frightened of dying and leaving my children behind, He held my hand. When as often happens to me, I stumble and fall, He is always there to pick my up, dust me down and help me return to the narrow path.

Even at my worst, when I dare to doubt that He is there, He whispers quietly to my soul, ‘fear not, for I am with thee.’ When I sit in darkness He is my light. How often have I turned to His precious Word and it has turned my world upside down? Never forget to pick up your Bible my friend. It is alive, it is life!

If I am hungry or thirsty He is the water of life and heavenly bread. There may be days when I have gone astray and I end up wallowing in the mire of my own doing. He will wait that He may be gracious.

When I am worried as to which path to take, He points the way and says, ‘this is the way, walk ye in it.’ Often, often, often He has carried me through a day and been there for me in the loneliness of the sleepless nights. When everything seems to get on top of me and when my world seems to be collapsing about my feet, He lifts me and carries me to a wealthy place.

He has given me friends, hand picked by Himself. People, just ordinary folk, yet extraordinary Christians, who are willing to spend time in prayer for a hopeless case like me. Friends who have given when I needed most, seeking nothing in return. Such love?

This morning is a new start for me and for you. I may have trusted my Lord for many years now but that matters not. It is today that counts and for today I will trust Him anew with all my heart and soul. There have been but few days in the past couple of years when I have shed tears of joy but this morning my heart is full.

I weep for the heart breaking love that my Saviour has shown to me. I am not worthy of the least of His mercies yet I am blessed beyond any sentence I can compose. He is absolutely wonderful and altogether lovely. He even calls me the apple of His eye!

Do you know the One I have been talking about? I hope you do. If you are a child of God today then you should be able to echo most of my thoughts, but if not, then come and meet our Best Friend. Today is a perfect day to start in the service of the King. Remember where all my hope stems from – ‘He is risen!!’ The grave is empty. ‘This is the doing of the Lord, and wondrous in our eyes.’