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Thou shalt know hereafter

''What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.'

John 13:7


The act that our Lord was about to perform upon His disciples must, in later days and months have taken their breath away! If ever they doubted their Saviour's love towards them, could they ever forget the night the Lord of Glory washed their feet?

They could never have imagined what was going to happen although they had been told many times. They had followed their beloved Master and Teacher for three years, honoured to be part of His inner circle. Now they seemed to be in no manís land. He was going to die before their eyes and nothing they could do or say could prevent this from happening.

What would become of them? Where would they go? Who would they follow now? Is it back to the boats and tax collecting?

Could they have foreseen that the brutality and ugliness of the cross and its preceding hours would herald the age of the Good News. The Good News that they would so faithfully proclaim? Could the apparent weakness that their Saviour showed when cruelly mocked and beaten, stripped and crucified be the means of their future strength?

Did they fully realise as they ate the last supper with their beloved Elder brother that in a few hours He would be lying dead in a tomb? They must have had so many questions running through their minds and few answers.

Little did they know that they would in a short time be used by this same Jesus to turn the world upside down through the proclamation of the Gospel. It is thanks to them that we now have the full story! They were living their way through history, not knowing what a day or an hour may bring forth.

We may also find ourselves in no manís land. Has your life come to a crossroads? You may feel and be aware that there is a change coming your way but you are not sure what it involves and what to do about it.

It may be a change of circumstances, a change of homes, a change of occupation or a change in career. Or like Elijah, a change of country.

Change is always upsetting until it is done. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Decisions must be taken and adhered to. We may make our decision in our hearts before God and wait patiently His way of working things out. He will clearly show us which way to go and what we are to do.

Never be afraid to ask Him to shut certain doors and to open the only door that He wants you to go through. This, my friend takes a great deal of courage and faith! It may take a little time, but waiting with an expectant hope will bring light to the soul. It will, be very clear to you the path that He wants you to travel.

It is all too easy to get tangled about in knots and end up with souls that are completely paralysed with the fear of making the wrong decision. Do not jump! Wait patiently upon the Lord ONCE you have made your decision. Stick to it and prayerfully await the happenings of little things that will in the end leave you with no other choice but to 'go forward!' He in turn will remove any lingering doubts as to your final decision.

Behold I set before you an open door which no man can shut. I will direct thee and teach thee in the ways that thou shalt go.

The following extract is from Mr Spurgeon:-
Why do you worry yourself? What use can your worrying serve? You are on board a vessel which you could not steer even if the great Captain put you at the helm, of which you could not so much as make a sail, yet you worry as if you were captain and helms man.

Oh, be quiet! God is Master!

Do you think that all this din and anxiety that is within you is due to God leaving His throne?

No, man, His horses runs furiously on, and His chariot is the storm; but there is a bit between their jaws, and He holds the reins, and guides them as he wills! Jehovah is Master yet; believe it; peace be unto thee! Be not afraid.