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Unto me happily the lines

‘Unto me happily the lines in pleasant places fell, yea the inheritance I got in beauty doth excel.’ Psalm 16 Verse 6

Can we only say these words when things are going well with us?

There have been times recently when frustration has been gnawing away at me. My mind races ahead each morning, dreaming up wonderful things to do, yet I lack the energy I need to carry out what is in my mind. The back pain I suffer is debilitating itself but it is nothing compared to a sharp pain in my chest.

With chest pains comes fear. Others may have learned to cope with this better than me, however I am trying to come to terms with it. It has made me to think of death more often than not. There are times when heaven seems so close that one more step would take me there, while at other times I plead earnestly for life.

It is only when we look back and see the gracious hand of God in our lives that a beautiful picture is drawn. Goodness and mercy have followed us all our days and He has done all things well. The beauty that excels is surely the robes of His righteousness imputed to us. These glorious robes cover every single spot and blemish and we are made acceptable in the Beloved.

This I know is not my home, yet I have attachments here that have a hold on me. Marriage ties and blood bonds can be strong indeed, and dreams of seeing my children married with their own families is something that is close to my heart. Is it so wrong to want to hold a new grandchild?

Pain, extreme pain brings rapid thoughts of home. A better place. A place where each child of God is heading. There shall be no more pain there, no more suffering, no more heartache, no more loss and no more sin.

How pleasant Immanuel's Land seemed to me today. Though I may live to be a hundred years old, still it is but a short time compared to an eternity with my Beloved Jesus. Pain and suffering are not pleasant however we are a people of hope. A good hope. An Eternal rest.

Can you imagine eternal blessedness? No more drudgery, no more worry, no more stress, no more health problems, no bills to worry about and no sin to plague us. God Himself is leading each one of His own to that haven which we desire to see. It may seem like a long time before we get there but remember my friend we are each only a breath away!

The sudden and totally unexpected death of the young Cameroon footballer, Marc Vivien Foe would have made many young folk think about their eternal destiny. At the height of his fitness he collapsed and died while representing his country in an International football match in France.

No warning – nothing! He simply fell over and died.

Are you experiencing pain, heartache, loss, anxiety or worry about what the future holds? Are you dreaming or hoping for better days? My friend your happiness and security lies in Jesus Christ. If you are His then an eternity of joy awaits. What is that compared with your problems today?

Think on these things.

Think of the enormity of the sacrifice that was paid in order that you and I may obtain this inheritance. God, veiled in the flesh died in our room and stead. He has loved us with an everlasting love. He proved that love by being nailed to the cross. Our sins put Him there. He died that we may live. Our time on earth is short, eternity awaits, therefore my friend rejoice this day in the Lord.

May your thoughts today be focussed on the inheritance that awaits you. We have already received part of our inheritance through adoption. We are the children of God. Heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. May your vision and thoughts be lifted this day above and beyond the trials and temptations that so often besiege us. May we grasp today the certainty of the hope that lies within our breasts. Only then can we truly say, 'unto me happily the lines in pleasant places fell, yes the inheritance I got in beauty doth excel.

Go about your business today thinking much of Immanuel's Land.