Apples of Gold

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What shall I then do with Jesus?

‘What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?’

Matthew Chapter 27 Verse 22

He is without doubt my Best Friend. There is nothing I enjoy more than being in His company. This week I have found that difficult. I am not aware of backsliding as such nor of any particular sin that I am committing that would keep His presence from me, yet I am not so aware of His comfort and fellowship as I was.

I read and study His Word and find little to write or think about it. My mind seems to be a vacant spiritual void at present.

'What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?'

What is a Christian to do in such circumstances? It is all too easy to become depressed in spirit. It is easy for our heads to drop and for us to give up on an active spiritual life.
It seems as though our witness and zeal has become stale.  Is the problem that I have become greedy for an extra portion of manna? Am I making good use of what is already spread before me daily?

The older I become the more I tend to cross-examine my thoughts, my motives and my actions. Am I living for Jesus or for my own selfish ends? Do I indulge my left hand by parading what my right hand is doing?

Am I fervent in my petitions or simply good at repeating my requests? Do I actually believe that what I am asking for, God is willing to give?
'What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?'
Am I redeeming my time? Do I still hold grudges, or am I pleading with God for the salvation of those who have wronged me? Am I loving my enemies as commanded? Do I only call upon His name in earnest when things go wrong?

I talk to Him all the day long, and sometimes He even whispers to me through the night watches. He never turns me away and never gets fed up with my company.
Yet it seems there are times - such as this week - when He is so far from me that I am acutely aware of loneliness and helplessness. I am bereft of spiritual comfort.

Often I moan and groan my way through a day, yet He is not put off. He is my Saviour Redeemer Who died where I should have died. I didn't know Him then, but He knew me.

I was a stranger, and He took me in. I was naked, and He clothed me. I was hungry, and He fed me. I was dirty, and He cleaned me. He asked nothing in return except that I follow Him wherever He leads me.

He has led me to some wonderful places. He has led me to fountains of living water, has supplied streams in the desert, and He even made me to sit down under His shadow, which was a delight. His fruit was sweet to my taste and His banner over me was love.

Where now are those days? Will they ever return? I must be patient today and await His return. It is the only way.
He is a great Teacher even when I have (often) found the training difficult. The lessons I've received have been better than silver or gold.
I have to admit that I am a poor pupil, and He has often had to teach me the same lesson over and over again. But He is always very patient with me.

Sometimes when I have been lonely or afraid, He has put His arm around me and whispered, 'it is I be not afraid.' He always seems to be there when I need Him the most.
He never lets me down and never fails with any of His promises. He always says the right thing to my soul at the right time.

He loves it when I read His wonderful story. He loves it when I tell others about Him. He loves it when I sing praises to His name. He loves me best of all when I am at complete rest in Him.
I love to meet new brothers and sisters, and it is great for us to talk about our Best Friend. His gifts are beyond words. Who can put a value on love, joy, peace or forgiveness? I can only thank my Best Friend for purchasing these wonderful gifts for me through His own death.

'What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?'

Well I am learning. If He should return to me today I will gladly and eagerly embrace Him. What will you do with Jesus which is called Christ?

Author : Iain Mackenzie   Edited by : Pastor Al Moak