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Where art thou?

'And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?'

Genesis 3:9

Prior to the fall, Adam had enjoyed perfect communion with God. When the first sin had been committed, though, the history of mankind was changed forever. Thousands of years later we can blame Adam for leaving us such an inheritance. Adam sinned and so do we.

How often have we heard an angry parent calling out to their wayward child? The child, having done something wrong, instinctively tries to hide from the punishment that will surely be heading his way.

Because the Bible is God's Word, it is fresh and new each day. God speaks to His own, and He calls His own by name. Can you hear Him calling you today? Where art thou? No one can answer that question but ourselves. Are we near the Lord or are we walking at a distance? If we are near then there is no need for Him to call, is there?

Communion and fellowship with our God is what daily life is all about. There is nothing sweeter to the child of God than to be 'on terms' with their Maker. God Himself has made the provision for us to enable such intimacy.

We, however can go astray and often do, trying to take control of our lives without the need of God's help. Only when we are brought to the point of failure do we realize our folly.

God and His word are to be enjoyed by us. We please Him by being obedient to His revealed will for us. Sometimes, when we have gone astray He will bring us back into the fold either by gentle persuasion or by a 'hammer blow!'

Yesterday was one such hammer blow for me. Once again my back has gone and I am suffering from a prolapsed disc. Things were going quite well for me, then this! The pain is beyond words and when it happened, it nearly took my breath away!

My heart sank with disappointment and frustration as I know only too well that it is not a quick fix. I have been awake all night, and though it seems a little easier just now, one wrong movement and Iíll be scraping the ceiling again!

I have had plenty time to meditate. I was not walking as closely to the Lord as I should have been. A little health and strength and I think that I can do it all! Once more I am wrong, I need Him always.

The child of God cannot live a happy and contented life if he goes his own way. Life without God is miserable. Everything that we do fails. Our lives become a continual uphill struggle with no peace and certainly no rest.

It is not long before we exhaust ourselves if we try to go that way. It is usually at this point that most of us repent and make our way back to God, head bowed in shame and dragging our feet along our path.

Some however go beyond even exhaustion. Pride has such a grip that they cannot and will not accept that they have indeed gone astray. They will use any means possible in order to justify their actions. Blaming others is a favourite!

In order for us to enjoy communion with God we must be able to answer today's question. Where art thou? Are we happy with the condition of our soul? Are we walking closely with our God? Are we on 'Best Friend' terms?

Have things gone astray recently? Are we missing out on blessings? Is sin lying at our door? Are we yearning for better days? Are we feasting on 'Delectable Mountain?' Where art thou?

You may this day remain a stranger to grace and to God. God is calling you through this question. Where art thou? How do you answer? In this village alone we have witnessed many deaths over the summer months, and each one begs the question, where art thou?

What does God have to do in order that you will turn from your evil ways? What is it going to take before you repent? You know full well that you are going to meet with God face to face. How many more times will you put it off until another day? How many more days do you have?

I cannot answer these questions for you my friend, but I can plead with you to be reconciled with God before it is too late. God in His mercy and love barred Adam from having access to the tree of life. He has provided a better way for you and for me. He has provided His own lamb.

His name is Jesus and He died for sinners like you and me. Jesus died on the cross at Calvary for sinners. Did He die for you? Did your sins nail Him to that tree? Was His blood shed for you? As you look up at the cross is it nothing to you as you pass by? Will you have this Man to reign over you? Will you accept God's way of salvation?

Where art thou?

Are you turning your back upon this offer and walking away, stopping your ears to avoid hearing this question? It is addressed to you my friend. Will you stop, turn and face the Truth? Confess your sins and follow Jesus? May today be the day when you are finally able to say, one thing I know, whereas I was blind, now I see.